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At one time, spring cleaning was a much needed chore after a long, cold winter of coal, oil and wood burning.  These heat sources would leave homes dusty, dirty and covered with soot and ash.  Even today, our homes are in need of a thorough spring cleaning following the winter season after months of muddy shoes and boots being dragged through the house.  

Spring cleaning is a welcome tradition for many people. After months of dark, cold winter, spring cleaning signifies the return of spring and spending time outdoors!

While we keep the house clean through the winter, it's really important to open up the windows, move furniture around and do all the extra cleaning steps that are on a 'deep clean' house cleaning checklist. And that's whether you do some of these chores yourself or bring in Homecare Cleaners.

Homecare Cleaners provide a Professional domestic cleaning service of your home, or business, at times to suit you, available on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Our fully insured regular cleaning service allows us to provide a comprehensive cleaning service at your convenience. We provide all of our own cleaning materials and equipment.